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2nd TRAINING SCHOOL on “Use of nutrigenetics & nutri(epi)genomics in nutrition”

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 “Use of nutrigenetics & nutri(epi)genomics in nutrition”



This Training School will help in promoting new research in the field of the Action using innovative approaches. This training focused on the Use of Nutrigenetics and Nutri(Epi)genomics in Nutrition Research will combine open webinars for a large audience and a practical part dedicated to training a limited number of early-stage researchers (ESR) and experienced researchers (ER) of the Action.



This 2-steps Training School* on "Nutrigenetics and Nutri(Epi)genomics " will include:

            - PART 1, webinars (June,  September 2017) : introductory courses on nutrigenetics and nutri(epi)genomics. These webinars are opened for all interested partners.

Each webinar will have a duration of about 45 minutes. The tentative list of trainers/topics is being prepared.

            - PART 2 (on place in Thessaloniki, 20-22 September, 2017): include the participation to the 3rd Scientific Workshop of the Action focused on the Topic of the TS (1 day) + a practical course (1.5-days). This part is for 20-25 trainees interested to develop research with these approaches in their lab. 

*An electronic survey has been sent to all the POSITIVE partners to identify the needs and expectations of POSITIVe partners in order to establish the program and select the trainees who will participate to the practical courses.


Organizing Committee:

Dr. Anne-Marie Minihiane

Dr. Baukje de Roos

Dr. Dragan Milenkovic

Dr. Wim Van den Berghe



Three webinars will be arranged in june and/or september 2017 on separate days. Each webinar will have a duration of about 45 minutes.

Tentative list of trainers/topics (dates and speakers to be confirmed):

            - Dr José Ordovas – Genetics and genomics in nutrition

                        Professor, Tufts University, USA

            - Dr Ahmed El-Sohemy – Bioactives and genetic polymorphism

                        Professor in Nutrigenomics at University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

            - Dr Clarissa Gerhäuser – Plant food bioactives and nutriepigenetics

                        Professor at German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany

            - Dr Dragan Milenkovic – Plant food bioactives and nutrigenomics : gene and miRNA

                        Senior research scientist at INRA, France

            - Dr Evrim Acar – Integration of omics data

                        Assistant professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


            - WORKSHOP « Omics breakthroughs in the health effects of plant food bioactive »

Scientific program available here soon

Open to all POSITIVe attendees in Thessaloniki. TS participants must attend this Workshop

            - PRACTICAL COURSE

Only for selected Trainees

The program will include:

            - DNA sequence analyses, SNPs, assassination with biological response (plant food sterol and cholesterol levels

            - Target gene sequences, SNP, association with bioavailability

            - Transciptomics and epigenetics (methods available, approaches, etc), how raw data are treated, and bioinformatics: pathways, network, integration of the 2. Also presentation of user-friendly databases, as well as use of R.

            - Data integration, miRNA and bioinformatics

            - Cell signalling kinase analyses and in-silico docking.