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Lepido-DB is a centralized bioinformatic resource that was first developed to facilitate the comparative genomics of two major lepidopteran pests, the noctuid moths Helicoverpa armigera and Spodoptera frugiperda, by the analyzis of syntenic relationships and genome rearrangements of 15 couple of BACs sequences and their corresponding colinear regions extracted from 10 Bombyx mori chromosomes (table 1).

In this context, Lepido-DB Information System was designed to store, organize, display and distribute various genomic data and annotations of the three species. For instance, we supplied Lepido-DB with the KAIKOGAAS automatic annotations, the comparisons to insects proteomes and UniProt, the alignments of transcript sequences retrieved from the INRA's SpodoBase, CSIRO or NCBI, the REPET pipeline's transposable elements predictions, or results of different cross-comparisons process to emphasize conserved regions and orthologous genes.

Beside a blast search and a full text search facilities,the system was constructed using open source software tools from the Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD) including a Chado database, Gbrowse a simple but rapid genome browser, CMAP a graphical tool which facilitates the navigation within multiple maps or genome sequences, Apollo, a application for the manual curation.