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CIAG 2014

INRA organized a seminar dedicated to Sustainable intensification of forest production, CIAG (Bordeaux, 3/12/ 2014). It included the management of...
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Wind damage represents more than 50% by volume of forest damage in Europe. Recent evidence suggests that wind damage could double or even quadruple by the end of the century due to climate change with dramatic consequences for the forest economy and the ecological functioning and survival of European forests. Most trees during storms are uprooted. While a large amount of work has been done over the last decade on understanding the aerial tree response to turbulent wind flow, much less is known about the root-soil interface, and the impact of soil moisture and root-soil system fatiguing on tree uprooting.

The aim of TWIST is to develop a corpus of knowledge on the effects of soil and root characteristics on uprooting, which will be useful for accounting integrative approaches in wind risk management.

TWIST is a 4-years project funded by ANR (The French National Research Agency).