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Adaptation of irrigated agriculture to climate Change

Accompanying The adaptation of irrigated agriculture to climate CHAnge


The ATCHA project (ANR-16-CE03-0006) is based on 

  • a 15 years partnership through the International Joint Laboratory “Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences” (IFCWS, involving the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
  • a Critical Zone Observatory (ORE BVET) which has built an extensive hydro-geochemical database in the Berambadi experimental watershed and
  • a preliminary version of an integrated model combining hydrology (AMBHAS), agronomy (STICS), economy (MoGire) and farmer decision (Namaste) that was developed for the Berambadi in a former Indo-French project (IFCPAR AICHA, 2013-2016).

The ATCHA project will complement the Sujala III project (2014-2019), led by the Karnataka Watershed Department and in which IFCWS takes part in the coordination of the hydrological monitoring carried out in 14 experimental watersheds across the Karnataka state.