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Tplus3 - Assessing processes, methods and variables for the Potential Mediterraneanization of socio-ecosystems in Western Europe

Financé dans le cadre de l'Appel à projet Blanc 2014, le projet Tplus3 se déroulera sur 1 an (2015).
Poster Tplus3 Mars 2015

Porteur du projet : Juan FERNANDEZ (ESE)


  • Équipes BASC : EGCE
  • Équipes hors BASC : CIRED, Ecole Polythecnique

Contexte et objectif

One of the largest difficulties for studying the impact of global changes in social-ecological systems is that there is very little consensus on the questions, methods and disciplines required to address such problems. The objective of this proposal is to create a network of researchers of Portugal, Spain and France to identify key processes, methods and variables necessary to address the dynamics of social-ecological changes in transitions zones between the Mediterranean and Temperate regions in Western Europe under the influence of global changes.

Starting with a "core" group of a plant ecologist, a population biology modeler, a climatologist and an economist, a series of 4 one-day workshop meetings during a year (3 month intervals in between) will be implemented with local and invited researchers in order to advance conceptually towards the development of a joint methodology. This series of one-day workshops would be preceded by one kick-off meeting for identifying key participants. Between workshops, participants will be assigned tasks to synthesize/propose methodologies needed to tackle studies of socio-ecosystem dynamics under global change.

Besides the construction of a solid network ready to apply for larger grants, it is expected that an innovative conceptual/methodological paper emerges at the end of the period.