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Scientific documents annotation with @Web

Help for normal use

When and how can I add a new topic?

You can add a new topic when the paper you want to annotate describes a sequel of pretreatment that has not been entered into the @Web system yet. To know if your sequel matches one of the existing...
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When and how can I add a new concept?

You can add a new concept when the paper you want to annotate features data that doesn’t relate to any of the existing concepts. Depending on their kind, you will need to create a new...
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How can I add a paper and/or add new annotated tables?

This will be done in the Documents tab.Add a paper: Go to the topic which matches best the sequel of pretreatments that are described in your paper and left-click on it. A small menu will appear on...
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I need help on how to annotate a paper (annotating process, guidelines, standards).

If you need help on how entering information into a table, follow the tutorial add a annotated table, which gives you information both on how to add and fill in a table.If you need guidelines to help...
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I would like to delete a column/relation/line/box or move lines in an annotated table. How doing so?

You can delete lines one by one by left-clicking on a line’s number and choose delete. For now you can’t delete any column, relation or box in a table that has been saved. So be careful when you...
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Many of my experiments feature similar steps. Can I copy lines and/or information that have already been written in a table?

You can copy lines that have been already been written in the same table that they belong to. For doing so, left-click on the number of the line you want to copy and select Copy. You can only...
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I have forgotten to add a relation to a line in an annotated table. How can I add it without having to redo the line?

You can left-click on the number of the line and choose add relation. Be careful though, since once the relation is added and saved into the table you won’t be able to take it off.

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