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Scientific documents annotation with @Web

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What do the small pictograms next to the papers’ names stand for?

The left-side pictogram next to a paper’s name gives information on its reliability. This paper is very reliable This paper is slightly reliable The reliability of this paper is mixed...
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What do the values for the reproducibility criteria stand for?

When filling in the reproducibility criteria you can choose between 6 values: Experiments have been repeated independently from one another Independent replication Experiments have been repeated...
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What do the criteria “citation number” and “top citation” mean?

The criterion citation number concerns the number of times this paper has been quoted in Web of Science. The more it has been quoted, the more worthy it is considered.It had been recently decided not...
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How is performed the reliability assessment?

The reliability assessment is performed based on the document’s criteria values. Criteria take into account the reliability of the data source itself, the means used to collect data (often the...
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How to interpret the reliability assessment’s results?

When a reliability assessment is run two values are given out; these values stand for the lowest and highest reliability expectations for the paper the assessment has been run in. To one paper is...
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