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CIRM-Filamentous Fungi / CIRM-CF

Catalog of strains/DNA
Deposit of strains

A Biological Resource Center dedicated to the preservation of filamentous fungi of interest to agro-industries and their utilization

Pycnoporus sanguineus - © Inra, UMR BBF

The collection of CIRM-CF was established in 2005 from the reorganization of existing collections within different organizations (INRA, MNHN, CIRAD, University Paris Descartes, University Joseph Fourrier,...) together with the collection of filamentous fungi of agro-industrial interest already held by the  "Biotechnology of Filamentous Fungi" Laboratory (UMR BCF 1163) of INRA/Aix-Marseille University.

 Since 2007, this growing collection is regularly enriched and diversified thanks to field-collecting carried out on mainland France, and also in Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French New Caledonia.

The collection and study of fungal diversity is carried out in close collaboration with expert mycologists from Universities (Prof R. Courtecuisse, Dr P.A. Moreau, Dr S. Welti, Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences, Lille, France) and from learned societies (Société Mycologique de France, Aphyllophiles). 

Amauroderma sp. - © Inra, UMR BBF

The CIRM-CF, in conjunction with the UMR BCF, benefits from an exceptional scientific environment which allowed it to build up a collection of strains whose identification combines classical taxonomy, molecular tools and enzymatic characterization.

Ganoderma sp. - © Inra, UMR BBF

The collected biological material is maintained under high standards of quality at the CIRM-CF. It is intended to be disseminated to the scientific community, and through use in academic and industrial projects, to strengthen our knowledge on the Fungal Kingdom. The collection is also available for the development of projects in areas as diverse as green and white biotechnology, food processing, or research into bioactive molecules.

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Since 2006, the CIRM-CF collection, strain acquisition, authentication and the distribution of fungal material is certified under ISO 9001.

Présentation groupe Guyane 2008/Field collecting-team Guyane 2008 - © Inra, UMR BBF
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