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A Biological Resource Center dedicated to French traditional starter cultures and yeasts involved in biotechnology

Levure/Yeast - © Inra

CIRM-Levures was created to bring together a number of INRA yeast collections (INA-PG Technologie Laitière, INRA Montpellier, Colmar, Poligny, Rheu etc...) with the Collection de Levures d'Intérêt Biotechnologique (CLIB) in Thiverval-Grignon.

The CIRM-Levures also regularly adds to its collection during collaborations and field collection in French overseas departments such as French Guiana.


CIRM-Levures is associated with the INRA laboratory Micalis and thus benefits from its rich scientific environment and from a facilitated access to a wide array of equipment and platforms including PAPPSO (proteomics) and Metagenopolis (metagenomics).

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Since 2006, CIRM-Levures is ISO 9001 certified for the acquisition, authentication and diffusion of genetic resources.

Levures-Chromatogramme-caryotype/Yeast cells-chrmatogram-karyotype - © Inra

Based on a 20-year expertise acquired in internationally renowned studies, CIRM-Levures performs a variety of services with ISO 9001 certification for public and private laboratories.