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C and N models Intercomparison and Improvement to assess management options for GHG emissions in agrosystems worldwide

C and N Models Inter-comparison and Improvement to assess management options for GHG mitigation in agrosystems worldwide

CN-MIP coordinates international development, evaluation and inter-comparison of agricultural process-based models to reduce uncertainty in estimating greenhouse gas emissions from crops, grassland and livestock systems. 

CN-MIP is one of the eleven projects funded by the Multi-partner Call on Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research of the FACCE-JPI 2013. The project duration is 36 months  from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2016. The CN-MIP project is also involved in the activities of the Global Research Alliance on agricultural greenhouse gases, particularly the intercomparison and benchmarking of models developed by the C & N cross-cutting group of the GRA.

The project focus on improving the simulation of management options to enable evaluation of credible mitigation strategies adapted to diverse agrosystems under different climatic conditions. CN-MIP responds to the priority of the core theme 5 "Mitigation of Climate Change" of the FACCE-JPI strategic research agenda, to improve the greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory methods, particularly the "certified" modellingTIER3 modeling approach for quantifying emissions and the effects of mitigation options.

The project also supports initiatives outlined in the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, which in to improve measurement methodology and modeling, as well as inventory of GHG emissions and C sequestration in soils.