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The ArthropodaCyc database

ArthropodaCyc, a database dedicated to the arthropod's metabolism reconstruction
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The AcypiCyc database

AcypiCyc (Acyrthosiphon pisum Cyc database): a model database to visualize and study the metabolic network underlying the pea aphid-Buchnera symbiosis...
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CycADS publication in the journal "Database"

A paper describing the CycADS database and the development of AcypiCyc has been published in the journal "Database" (Oxford Journals).
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From AcypiCyc to CycADS...

The recent sequencing of the genome of the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum), together with the already available sequence of its primary symbiont (Buchnera aphidicola) genome, prompted us - during the genome annotation phase - to develop AcypiCyc: a BioCyc database dedicated to the pea aphid. This metabolic reconstruction was driven by the development of CycADS(Cyc Annotation Database System): an automated annotation management system that allows the seamless integration of the latest sequence information into metabolic networks reconstruction.