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Management structure

Management structure

The Coordinator of the project is INRA, represented by Dr. François Tardieu. His primary role is to represent the Consortium towards the EC and the Consortium as well as to be the promoter and supervisor of the overall technical and scientific progress of DROPS. The coordinator has already been in charge of a research unit (LEPSE), then of the INRA national programme of Ecophysiology.
He has been recently the coordinator of 3 projects ANR-Génomique (French National Research Agency, Genomic programme, formerly Génoplante), which involved INRA, INRA Transfert and Syngenta, and of a multi-national project of the Generation Challenge Programme which involved Biogemma and the University of Queensland.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the decision-making body of the project. Chaired by the project coordinator, it is composed of one representative per partner, each having one vote for decision making.
The General Assembly will be responsible for the strategic and political orientation of the Project: overall direction of all activities – research, training and management – and re-orientation whenever necessary, budget revision, incorporation of new contractors, measures towards defaulting partners.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the decision-implementing body of the project. It is made up of the leaders of each workpackage and chaired by the coordinator. The Executive Committee will be in charge of the operational management of all the activities of the Project. It will also prepare the decisions to be taken by the General Assembly (concerning the description of work, budget and allocation of the contribution, etc.) and ensure that these decisions are properly implemented, integrate recommendations from the Intellectual Property Use and Dissemination Committee and survey ethical and gender issues.
The Executive Committee will also be in charge of financial management of workpackages. The Executive Committee will supervise the work of the Administrative Team including quality control and preparing meetings with the EC, including preparation and transmission of deliverables.
Chaired by the coordinator, the Executive Committee is composed of the following persons (workpackage leaders), each of them holding both scientific excellence and strong experience in large collaborative research and development projects :
•    Dr. François Tardieu, INRA, Project coordinator
•    Dr. Xavier Draye, UCL, WP1 leader
•    Dr. Alain Charcosset, INRA, WP2 leader
•    Dr. Graeme Hammer, UQ, WP3 leader
•    Dr. Bjorn Usadel, MPIMP, WP4 leader
•    Dr. Roberto Tuberosa, UNIBO, WP5 leader
•    Olga Mackré, IT, WP6 leader

Stakeholder Committee

The objective of the Stakeholder Committee is on the one hand to provide external points of view on the way to conduct the project so it brings maximum outcomes to the society, on the other hand to advise the consortium to where and how the most promising results in terms of exploitation should be transferred.
It will be composed of five circles of profiles :
•    Scientists from concerned disciplines and related initiatives.
o    A widely recognised breeder for drought tolerance,
o    a geneticist involved in complex traits but not in drought responses, able to provide an external view,
o    a plant physiologist with the same profile, originating from the "Arabidopsis" community.
•    A representative of EPSO (Plant for the future) will be solicited
•    A representative of the Generation Challenge Programme will be solicited
•    A representative of European SMEs
•    A representative of an association of farmers and one of an association of environmentalists.

Administrative Team

Daily administrative management work and handling of the project logistics is to be handled by the Administrative Team. The Administrative Team will be made up of an experienced project manager assisted by a project administrator.
It is also the responsibility of the Executive Committee in general and the scientific management in particular, as well as of the workpackage leaders to identify and assess risks and provide contingency plans for the same.

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This project is supported by the European Commission under the
7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development