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June 2012 - DROPS experiments Montpellier
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July 2011 - Xavier Draye and Claude Welcker Field Trip to South and Central Europe last Summer.  

Xavier Draye (WP1 leader) and Claude Welcker (Maize co-ordinator) Field Trip to South and Central Europe last Summer.

In July this year Xavier Draye (UCL) and Claude Welcker (INRA) made remarkable experimental fields trips within Southern and Central Europe. They started their tour by visiting experimental sites in Italy at the University of Bologna where they met Maria-Angela Canè and Silvia Giuliani on the water-table platform (1) and debriefed on an experimental strategy for wheat and maize with Roberto Tuberosa and Silvio Salvi. They continued their visit in Campagnola where they walked across hundreds of plots until sunset with Franco Tanzi from Syngenta Seeds (2). They noted that plants at that stage of field experiment did not experience any marked water deficit whatsoever.

They then moved on to Hungary where their stay was enlightening in terms of management and environmental trends in maize cropping systems. They paced up and down durum wheat and maize trials (3) in Martonvasar with Zoltan Bedo, Csaba Marton, Tamas Spitko and Judit Banyai. They made a one day round trip to Karcag under a typical hot East-Hungarian day and visited the maize trials being carried out by Zsolt Nagy and Sandor Bene from Syngenta Seeds. The last stop-off on their trip took them to Romania to see new "Eldorado for maize", with George Musat from KWS and made an extensive visit of a huge trial being carried out by Eugen Petrescu and Eustatiu Constantinescu from Caracal SCDA (Univ. Cracovia) (4).

Both scientists express their immense gratitude to the host teams for their hospitality and enthusiasm for the DROPS project. The trip generated debates of experts directly implicated in the fields' trails and was of particular use. Undeniably this tour marked a turning point in the management of the project, paving its way towards success (!).

D1-ITA-Bologna Field Experiments


D1-ITA-Campagnola Field Experiments


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