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Macrosiphum albifrons Essig, 1911

Lupin aphid

Macrosiphum albifrons : adulte aptère
Macrosiphum albifrons : adulte ailé
Macrosiphum albifrons : colonie
blanc 192x128

Morphological characters

3.2-4.5 mm.
Apterous: blue, green, grey and covered with whitish wax.
Alate: blue, green, grey or pink, abdomen light-coloured, antennae long, cornicles long, fine, light and reticulated at tip, cauda long and slightly pigmented.

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Life cycles

Monoecious holocyclic.

Host plants

Lupinus (lupin).

Particular characteristics

Macrosipum albifrons is a species having rapid  development

Agronomic impact

Colonies of M. albifrons develop rapidly on all the organs: inflorescences, pods and roots.
The damage caused on young flowers is serious because these aphids induce flowers to abort.
If the attack is a strong one, the plants die.
M. albifrons can transmit the bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV).

Natural enemies

Populations of M. albifrons are strongly regulated by entomophthoral mycoses.



Identification file

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