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Macrosiphum funestum (Macchiati, 1885)

Blackberry aphid

Macrosiphum funestum : adulte aptère
Macrosiphum funestum : adulte ailé

Morphological characters

1.9-4.0 mm.

Apterous: medium-sized to large, green or red to dark brown, glossy; cornicles long and straight, dark tone to black with base lighter, slightly arcuate outwards. Antennae dark, longer than body. Cauda  broad. Articulations of legs black.
Alate: green or red to dark brown. Antennae dark, longer than body. Cornicles dark with base lighter. Cauda broad, long. Articulations of legs dark.

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Life cycles

Dioecious holocyclic on Rubus and probably anholocyclic in regions with mild climate.

Host plants

Essentially on Rubus fruticosus (blackberry) rarely on other Rubus.

Particular characteristics

The blackberry aphid reproduces on leaves and young shoots in spring.

Agronomic impact

Natural enemies

Identification file

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