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COST Action CA15118 FoodMC

Be part of the COST Action FoodMC!

FoodMC is creating a new academic and professional community around Maths and Computer Science (MCS) applied to the agri-food sector. If you are interested in this challenging matter, join us!

Collection of data: tell us more about you!

  • Please, contact the Action Chair, Dr Alberto Tonda and the working group leader you wish to join:

WG1 Model link food processing - food structure
Maage, Ingrid     Leader
Carvalho, Maria Otilia    Vice-Leader

WG2 Modeling for eco-design of food processes
Djekic, Ilija     Leader
Pop, Eugen     Vice-Leader

WG3 Software tools for the food industry
Van Impe, Jan     Leader
Moisescu, Mihnea Alexandru     Vice-Leader

WG4 Knowledge engineering, dissemination
Bredeweg, Bert     Leader
Laurier, Wim     Vice-Leader

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Read detailed procedure on FoodMC needs you

Depending on the status of your country regarding european rules and/or the number of people already members of the Action, the procedure will be different. Please, also consult the participation rules on the Cost Website