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International Grape Genome Program

Towards Open Data for Research on Grapevine

Read the opinion paper of the working group: A-F Adam-Blondon et al. (2016) Towards an open grapevine information system. Hort Res, 3, 16056.

The IGGP has developped a strategy to improve the access of the grapevine community to data. This was done in several steps:

  • Step 0: lots of discussions and brainstorming in the frame of the Grape Research Coordination Network funded by National Science Foundation grant no. DBI 0741876 for 5 years from 2008 to 2013 and coordinated by G. Cramer.
  • Step 1 (2015): organization of a small workshop in Bordeaux with the sponsorship of ISVV, INRA and Gallo SA
  • Step 2 (2015): Finalization of a white paper with the IGGP steering committee (Cantu D, Cheng Z-M, Cramer GR, Davies C, Delrot S, Deluc L, Grimplet J, Londo JP, Pezzotti M, Reisch BI, Töpfer R, Vivier MA, Zyprian E ) + external experts (Di Gaspero G, Fennell A, Kersey P, Mattivi F, Naityani S, Neveu P, Nicholsky M, Pommier C, Ware D)

The latter working group published an opinion paper sustaining the IGGP strategy towards open data:

A-F Adam-Blondon, M Alaux, C Pommier, D Cantu, Z-M Cheng, GR Cramer, C Davies, S Delrot, L Deluc, G Di Gaspero, J Grimplet, A Fennell, JP Londo, P Kersey, F Mattivi, S Naithani, P Neveu, M Nikolski, M Pezzotti, BI Reisch, R Töpfer, MA Vivier, D Ware, H Quesneville (2016) Towards an open grapevine information system. Hort Res, 3,  16056.