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International Grape Genome Program


The Grapevine Reference Genome Sequence

The grapevine reference geneome sequence was delivered under the auspices of the IGGP consortium by a french-italian consortium of institutes in...
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Towards the Grapevine Pan Genome

Technological progresses now allow de novo sequencing of different Vitis vinifera varieties or different species of the Vitaceae family.
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High Throughput Genotyping

Microsatellite (SSR) and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers are important resources for mapping in heterozygous species like grapevine....
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Grape Genetic Resources

The genetic resources of the cultivated grape consist of old traditional cultivars developed throughout the centuries, new cultivars and breeding...
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Fonctional Genomics

The members of the consortium develop resources to facilitate the understanding of gene function and gene regulation.
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