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International Grape Genome Program

The Grapevine Reference Genome Sequence

Vitis vinifera cv. PN40024 genome sequence

The grapevine reference geneome sequence was delivered under the auspices of the IGGP consortium by a french-italian consortium of institutes in 2007.

Useful sites to browse the grapevine reference genome are NCBI, Gramene and ensembl Plants, Phytosome, and GnpIS.

A first 8X version of the Vitis vinifera genome sequence was obtained by shotgun sequencing of a nearly homozygous genotype (cv. PN40024) by a french italian public consortium (Jaillon et al 2007).

A 12X.0 version of the assembly has been realeased at NCBI in November 2009 with the V0 version of the gene annotation and is briefly described in: Adam-Blondon A-F, Jaillon O, Vezzulli S, Zharkikh A, Troggio M, Velasco R (2011) Genome Sequence Initiatives. in: A-F Adam-Blondon, JM Martinez-Zapater, Chittaranjan Kole (eds) Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Grapes. Science Publishers and CRC Press. pp 211-234.

An improved version of the grapevine reference chromosome assembly (12X.2) and of its annotation (VCost.3) has been recently released: Canaguier A, Grimplet J, Di Gaspero G, Scalabrin S, Duchêne E, Choisne N, Mohellibi N, Guichard C, Rombauts S, Le Clainche I, Bérard A, Chauveau A, Bounon R, Rustenholz C, Morgante M, Le Paslier M-C, Brunel D, Adam-Blondon A-F (2017) A new version of the grapevine reference genome assembly (12X.v2) and of its annotation (VCost.v3). Genomic Data, 14:56-62

More associated resources can be dowloaded at the Vitis pages of the URGI-INRA web site: gff3 or genbank files, correspondence between the v1 and v3 annotations, description of the chromosome assembly...