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International Grape Genome Program

High Throughput Genotyping

Microsatellite (SSR) and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers are important resources for mapping in heterozygous species like grapevine. Many SSR and SNP markers have been developed by the grape community since 1998, following technical progresses.

Most of the public SSR markers can be retrieved from the Probe database at NCBI.

A first genome wide SNP discovery project was carried out: Myles S, Chia J-M, Hurwitz B, Simon C, Zhong GY, Buckler E, Ware D (2010) Rapid Genomic Characterization of the Genus Vitis. PLOS ONE , 5: e8219

A 18K Infinium genotyping chip for grapevine has been developed in the frame of the PLANT - KBBE2008 GrapeReSeq EU project and the delivered resources can be accessed at the INRA-URGI web site.