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INFORMED : a research project investigating management options to foster resilience of Mediterranean forests under different global change scenarios. This project contributes to the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda 2010-2020.

    • First slide
      Adaptation : trees will have to adapt to new climate conditions or migrate and follow the displacement of their climatic niche (Mt Ventoux, France).
    • Second slide
      Biodiversity : biodiversity is not fixed, its trajectory is driven by environmental factors, management and history (Mt Ventoux, France).
    • Third slide
      Ecosystem services : Mediterranean forests are visited by different kinds of actors and provide multiple goods and services (SE France).
    • Four slide
      Ecosystem services : the trees planted 150 years ago to restore an eroded over-grazed area have naturally regenerated creating a new dynamic forest ecosystem (Luberon, France).
    • Five slide
      Disturbance : thanks to its biodiversity, this forest has globally resisted to severe drought in 2003 eventhough some of its components suffered (SE France).
    • Six slide
      Resilience : this oak had dropped its leaves during a severe drought event to avoid waste of water by transpiration, it now recovers (Mt Ventoux, France).
    • Seven slide
      Disturbance : post-fire recovery of the forest ecosystem will depend on trees survival or seed regeneration (Corsica, France).
    • Eight slide
      Disturbance : in some pine species, serotiny is the capacity to keep the seeds protected in closed cones for years until fire comes, releasing seeds in favourable post-fire conditions.
    • nine slide
      Biodiversity : sexual reproduction is the basic mechanim that permanently reshuffles the genetic diversity and allows evolution of tree populations.
    • Ten slide
      Management : forest management, here a fuel break, has a direct impact on forest biodiversity and functions, which determine the ecosystem services provided (Luberon, France).
    • Eleven slide
      Management : prescribed burning is an example of controled disturbance used as a forest management tool for fire prevention, sometimes also used for biodiversity management (SE France).
    • Twelve slide
      Adaptation : scientists and practioners share their expertise to better understand the processes that drive the forest trajectory in the mean and long-term (Mt Ventoux, France).
    • Thirteen slide
      Biodiversity : old Quercus pubescens tree (reflecting past coppice management) inside a Pinus sylvestris stand near Solsona (NE Spain).
    • Fourteen slide
      Resilience : Quercus pubescens sprouts in a previously dominated Pinus nigra forest fifteen years after the occurrence of a large wildifire near Solsona (NE Spain).
    • Fifteen slide
      Resilience : post-fire Pinus nigra regeneration from unburned edges in areas affected by a large wildfires.

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INFORMED at the EuroScience Open Forum ESOF2018

Resilience and adaptation of forest social-ecological systems in the context of global change
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International Conference Zagreb 9th May 2018

From science to practice, what can be learned from interdisciplinary research in relation to future ecosystem services of Mediterranean forests?
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Final project meeting

The final project meeting will be held in Zagreb 8th May 2018
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Mediterranean forests are complex social-ecological systems that provide multiple goods and services.
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