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A HR policy in line with European objectives

The "HR Excellence in Research" initiative is the cornerstone of INRA's HR policy which undertakes to achieve all its actions as part of an ongoing improvement process. This ongoing commitment is a key element in enhancing its attractiveness on a European scale.
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INRA wanted to extend this European award to the entire HR policy while taking advantage of regular international reviews. In 2014, this was achieved with a very favourable opinion and commendations from the European Commission to continue the implementation of the refreshed HR action plan.


The key issues of this action plan concern career support (including contract staff), managing motivation and quality of life at work, international attractiveness, managing work community diversity, and prevention of occupational risks.

Main objectives of the HR 2017-2021 action plan

The HR action plan roadmap comprises the framework for the period 2017-2021, of which developing the skills of each individual in a motivating and respectful environment while continuing to work on the fundamentals is a major challenge. This plan is structured around three main themes of which the foundation will be consolidated by the impulsion given to the support functions (staff management and statutory coordination, modernisation of HR support functions, multi-year prevention plan, career and skills development).

  • Theme 1: Promoting quality of life at work

Working to sustain and improve individual and collective working conditions by encouraging skills and career development, facilitating access to digital tools, renewing working methods, encouraging and supporting international exchanges.

  • Theme 2: Strategic management of skills targets

The aim is to identify the skills targets and the employment and recruitment targets, as well as to outline training objectives, mobility targets, and national and international collaboration strategies to be explored to meet the scientific ambitions.

  • Theme 3: Ethics of knowledge and integrity

The aim is to provide ethical guidelines and principles so the scientific community can carry out its missions in an impartial and exemplary way to serve the common good and to consolidate public confidence.

HR Action Plan 2013-2017 Review

More than 90% of the actions scheduled in the 2013-2017 action plan were achieved. The HR initiative is founded on three main themes: 1/ Base the human resources policy on the scientific strategy, 2/ Initiate a quest for continuous improvement of HR reliability and engineering, 3/ Managing motivation and working conditions.

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