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HRS4R assessment follow-up

Through the implementation of the "HR Excellence in Research" process, Inra is committed to the total transparency of its key HR actions, especially with regard to the openness of its recruitment and career development policy, social policy, and research environment. Since being granted the award in 2010, Inra, in liaison with the European authorities, ensures the continuation of the actions undertaken as part of this ongoing improvement process through regular reviews.
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Inra is assessed at regular intervals by European assessors who ensure the coherence of the HR action plan with the values advocated by the European Commission and their application in the actions undertaken within the framework of its HR policy. In the interim, Inra ensures this ongoing commitment is sustained through regular reviews of the actions undertaken which help stimulate ideas regarding potential future changes.


This page presents the important phases in the award renewal schedule as well as Inra’s monitoring documents and tables that are useful to the assessors.




Renewal phase
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- Letter of commitment from the President of INRA - january 2018
- HR 2017-2021 Strategy - january 2018

- Document "Internal review" - june 2018
- OTM-R Summary Document - june 2018
- OTM-R follow-up - Researchers competitions - june 2018
- OTM-R follow-up - Engineers competitions - june 2018
- OTM-R follow-up - PhD students - june 2018
- OTM-R follow-up - Agreenskills - june 2018
- OTM-R follow-up - Communication - june 2018 


Action plan review - 2016 [in French only]
- Tracking indicators - 2015
- Convergence and variance analysis - 2014