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Resources for Meloidogyne incognita genome

Meloidogyne arenaria

  • Genome Assembly

The Meloidogyne arenaria genome assembly has been published in 2017 in PLoS Genetics (Blanc-Mathieu et al. 2017).

The assembly has been deposited to the EMBL-EBI European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), and is available for download at the following link:

  • Predicted mRNA mRNA/CDS/Protein

mRNA/CDS/Protein sequences were predicted using Eugene software. These sequences are avalaible for download.


  • Predicted mRNA

Download mRNA fasta:


  • Predicted CDS

Download CDS fasta:


  • Predicted protein

Download protein fasta:


  • RNAseq data

Mixed Meloidogyne arenaria RNAseq data from eggs and infective juveniles (J2) have been used to help predict gene models in (Blanc-Mathieu et al. 2017).

The data is available for download here: