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Resources for Meloidogyne incognita genome

Meloidogyne incognita V1

These are the raw data corresponding to the first version of the Meloidogyne incognita genome published in 2008 in Nature Biotechnology (Abad et al. 2008)

  • Genome contigs

The 9,538 contigs resulting from the Meloidogyne incognita genome assembly and annotation were deposited in the EMBL/Genbank/DDBJ databases under accession numbers CABB01000001CABB01009538.

NCBI genome entry >>>

  • Predicted protein

Protein sequences were predicted using Eugene software. These protein sequences are avalaible for download.

Download protein fasta: 

Right click on 'MincV1A1.fasta" and "Save Target as...".

  • Transcriptomic dataset

RNA-seq transcriptome sequencing for different developmental life-stages of M. incognita. RNA-seq generated more than 190 million reads in total that were assembled in 137,733 contigs (see Table below). These contig sequences are available for download. These data are the ones used to provide transcriptional support to candidate parasitism genes published in 2013 in PLOS Pathogens (Danchin et al. 2013)

Life stage

Reads used for assembly




26,570 >>>

Early sedentary


18,485 >>>

Parasitic sedentary


18,045 >>>

Stage 3 and 4 larvae


8,272 >>>

Adult female


13,071 >>>

Adult male


29,321 >>>

Mixed stages


23,969 >>>