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Isabelle Albert


Researcher / Chargée de Recherche INRA
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
UMR518 AgroParisTech/INRA of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Address: 16 rue Claude Bernard,
F - 75 231 Paris Cedex 05
Phone: (+33)(0)1 44 08 72 71
Mail : isabelle.albert@versailles.inra.fr


2013-2016, SOMEAT - ANR project on safety of organic meat. WP4: risk analysis. 14 partners.

2007-2014, MIA Network on Expert Elicitation - INRA, Division of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

2011-2014, MAP'OPT - ANR project on equilibrium gas composition in modified atmosphere packaging and food quality. Statistical expertise. 9 partners.

2010-2012, RIBENUT - ANR project on Modeling risk-benefit in a food chain: nutritional benefit versus microbial spoilage risk in canned green beans. 9 partners.

2008-2011, Quant'HACCP - ANR project on Microbiological quantitative risk assessment as a support to establish control measures based on food safety objectives. 10 partners.

2006-2008, B.cereus - ANR project on New approaches and tools to investigate the emergence of foodborne pathogenic bacteria – The case of Bacillus cereus in heat-treated, non sterile foods. 13 partners.

Research interests

Bayesian Statistics Bayesian inference, hierarchical modelling, Bayesian meta-analysis, objective/subjective priors, model assessment, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, sensitivity analysis, predictive model selection, longitudinal binary data models, frailty models.

Expert elicitation Combination of expert opinions, interactions between experts, errors model on elicited quantities, elicitation of prior probabilities distributions, posterior distribution given elicited quantities, Bayesian hierarchical modelling, mixture approach, average approach, Dirichlet distribution, pseudo-data.

Simulation Techniques Monte Carlo simulation, Bootstrap, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, Gibbs sampler, Metropolis-Hastings algorithm, R programming,OpenBUGS, WinBUGS, Jags.

Generalized Linear Models/Nonlinear models Weibull model, logit model, mixed model, quasi-likelihood estimating equations, nonlinear regression, least squares estimation, maximum likelihood estimation, variance heterogeneity.

Bayesian networks Statistician viewpoint, graphical models, modelling systems, continuous variates, manipulation of Bayesian networks, R package: Rebastaba.

Applications to Food Risk Analysis Quantitative microbiological risk assessment (QMRA) from farm to illness, Campylobacter/chicken, introduction of epidemiologic data in QMRA, exposure assessment considering bacterial genetic diversity, B. cereus/cooked, pasteurised and chilled foods, estimation of microbial contamination, Listeria/fresh vegetables, bacterial inactivation, uncertainty and variability in bacterial growth, Listeria/milk, sensitivity analysis, ochratoxin A.


Teaching at ENSAI, French graduate school specialising in statistics

Bayesian Statistics (Postgraduate): January 2013, February 2012: Lecturer, 12h; Winter 2010, 2009, 2008: Lecturer, 10h

Teaching at Paris XII University

Seminar: Bayesian statistics introduction (Master 2, Analyse des risques des biocontaminants liés à l'alimentation humaine et animale, Postgraduate): 2005-2006: 9h; 2006-2007: 9h

Teaching at Bretagne-Sud University

Bayesian statistics (Master 2, Modélisation et Analyse Statistique de l'Information, Postgraduate): 2001-2002: 6h; 2002-2003: 6h

Teaching at Vannes IUP

Bayesian statistical analysis : logit model with mixed effects and clinial trials with intermediate analyses (Master 1, Génie Informatique et Statistique, Postgraduate): 2000-2001: 4h

Teaching at Bichat Faculty of Medicine

Tutorials in Biostatistics (first year of Medicine): 1999-2000: 192h

Teaching at Paris V University

Tutorials in Statistics, Nonparametric Statistics, Mathematics and Computer science (DEUG and Master 1, Sciences naturelles et du vivant and Chimical, Undergraduate and Postgraduate): 1998-1999: 192h; 1997-1998: 192h

Teaching at Paris IX Faculty of Medicine

Tutorials in Statistical methods and Modelling in medical and biological experiments (Master 2, Sciences Biologiques et Médicales, Psotgraduate): 1996-1997: 96h; 1996-1995: 96h; 1994-1995: 96h


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