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Jessica Tressou


Researcher / Chargée de Recherche INRA

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
UMR518 AgroParisTech/INRA of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences


Mail : jessica.tressou@agroparistech.fr

Visiting fellow at Tokyo University since sept 2018

Lab. Biometry and Bioinformatics. ut-biomet.org/lbm/
Faculty of Agriculture Building No. 1 Building 328


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Research interests

Asymptotic and Nonparametric Statistics: Central Limit Theorem, Functional Delta Method, U-Statistic, Empirical Likelihood, Kaplan-Meier Estimator, Left and Right Censorship, Bayesian Nonparametric Statistics, Chinese Restaurant Process, Dirichlet Process, Indian Buffet Process.

Extreme value Analysis: Maximum Domain of Attraction, Pareto Index, Bias correction for the Hill Estimator, Estimation of Pareto Mixtures, Extremal Index of a Markov Chain, Hill Estimator of a Markov Chain.

Simulation and Resampling Techniques: Bootstrap, Variance Decomposition by Double Bootstrap, Monte Carlo Markov Chains, Rare Event Simulation, Importance Sampling, Particle Filtering.

Markovian Processes and Regeneration: Nummelin Splitting Technique, Atoms and Small Sets, Regenerative-Based-Bootstrap, Regenerative-Based U-statistics, Regenerative-Based Extreme.

Statistical Learning: Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, Minimum Volume Sets, Random Forests.

Spatial Statistics: multiscale measurements, hierarchical modelling, R-INLA approximations.

Applications to Food Risk Analysis: Exposure, Methyl mercury, Ochratoxin A, Provisional Tolerable Weekly Intake (PTWI), Individualization Model for Food Consumption Data, Probit and Tobit Models, Long Term Risk, Pharmacokinetic Models, Biological half-Life.


  • 2013-2016 SOMEAT - Safety of Organic MEAT. PI: Erwan ENGEL (INRA-QuaPA)
  • 2015-2016 AMERISKA - Analysis of Multivariate Extremes and RISKs Assessment. PI: O. Wintenberger, LSTA University Pierre et Marie Curie.
  • 2013-2016 LoLitA - Dynamic models for human LOngevity with LIfesTyle Adjustments. Non Thematic Programme Blanc. PI: S. Loisel, Lab. SAF, University Lyon 1.
  • 2013, MIA Network on Ruin models - INRA, Division of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.
  • 2013-2017: FOODPOL - Innovations in the design and the evaluation of consumer nutritional FOOD POLicies. Metaprogramme INRA DID'IT. PI: F. Etilé, INRA{Aliss & Paris School of Economics.
  • 2009-2013: OBELIX - OBesogenic Endocrine disrupting chemicals: LInking prenatal eXposure to the development of obesity later in life. PI: J. Legler, VU University Amsterdam.
  • 2009-2012: TANGERINE - Theory and applications of nonnegative matrix factorization. Funded by the French Research Agency, Young Researcher Programme. PI: Telecom Paristech.
  • 2009-2011: PERICLES - Exposure to mixtures of active substances and possible combined effects on human cells. Funded by the French Research Agency, Cross Cutting Programme Contaminants, Ecosystems, Health. PI: French Food Safety Agency.
  • 2006-2009: TAMIS - Multiple testing, Ranking and Adaptivity to Sparsity in estimation. Funded by the French Research Agency, Non Thematic Programme Blanc. PI: LPMA, Universities Paris VI and VII.


Teaching at AgroParisTech (2015-2017)

  • Tronc commun 2A - Statistiques : bases du modèle linéaire, 2015-2016; 2016-2017. Cours-TD +TP, 30 students.

Teaching at Columbia University (2011)

  • STATW1211 Introduction To Statistics (with calculus), Fall 2011: Lecturer, in English, 75 students, 3h per week

Teaching at Hong Kong UST (2006-2008)

  • ISOM254 Introduction to probability Models, Fall 2008: Replacement, in English, 3h.
  • ISMT253 A Second Course in Business Statistics (Undergraduate), Spring 2008: Lecturer, in English, 30 students, 3h per week
  • ISMT581 Introduction to Probability (Postgraduate), Fall 2007: replacement, in English, 4.5h; Fall 2006: replacement, in English, 6h
  • ISMT659N: Bayesian Statistical Inference (Postgraduate), Spring 2006: Program Assistant

Teaching during the PhD (2002-2005)

  • Tutorials Mathematical Statistics (Master 1, MASS, University Paris 1, Postgraduate), 2002-2003: 36h, first semester, 2003-2004: 36h, first semester, 2004-2005: 36h, first semester
  • Tutorials Descriptive Statistics and Multivariate Analysis (ENSAE-1A Undergraduate), 2002-2003: 28h including 8h for report supervision, 2003-2004: 28h including 8h for report supervision
  • Tutorials Estimation and Introduction to Tests (ENSAE-2A, Postgraduate), 2003-2004: 18h, 2004-2005: 18h
  • Tutorials Review of mathematical Statistics Concepts (ENSAE-cursus intégrés,Postgraduate), 2004-2005: 14h.
  • Tutorials Time Series Analysis (ENSAE-2A Postgraduate), 2003-2004: 18h.
  • Master 2 Seminar (DEA) Environmental Economy and Natural Ressources (INA P-G, Postgraduate),2003-2004: « Eléments théoriques du risque », 2h; 2004-2005: « Méthodes statistiques pour l’évaluation du risque lié à la présence de contaminants dans les aliments », 2h.
  • Master 2 Seminar (DEA) ISAA Program, Alimentation, Human Health, Public Actions (INA P-G, Postgraduate),2004-2005: « Modélisation probabiliste de l’exposition », 1h30
  • Master 2 Seminar Risk Analysis for Contaminants in Human and Animal Diets (ENV, Postgraduate), 2005-2006: « La base de données SECODIP », 1h

programs (R code mostly)

  • P. Bertail, S. Clémençon & J. Tressou, 2013. Regenerative Block-Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Tails and Extremal Indexes. Electronic Journal of Statistics. 7, 1224-1248.
  • Crépet, A. & J. Tressou, 2011. Bayesian nonparametric model for clustering individual co-exposure to pesticides found in the French diet. Bayesian Analysis 6(1), 127-144.
  • Bertail, P., S. Clémençon & J. Tressou, 2010. Statistical analysis of a dynamic model for food contaminant exposure with applications to dietary methylmercury contamination. Journal of Biological Dynamics 4(2), 212-234.
  • Bertail, P., S. Clémençon & J. Tressou, 2009. Extreme value statistics for Markov chains via the (pseudo-)regenerative method. Extremes. 12(4), 327-360.

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