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Julie Aubert

Research Engineer INRA

UMR518 AgroParisTech/INRA of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Statistics and Genome Team
16 rue Claude Bernard
75 231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel : +33 (0)1 44 08 16 73


  • Comparative Metagenomic for Exploring Biodiversity. Application to Ocean Stream Studies (Hydrogen), coord. D. Lavenier (IRISA (Rennes), ANR blanche (2014-2018)

Research interests

My research and teaching activities concern the development and application of statistical and computational methods to address problems in genomic research.

Statistical Methods in Molecular Biology
  • Design, normalisation and analysis of gene expression experiments based on DNA microarray.
  • Design and analysis of high-throughput gene expression experiments based on next-generation sequencing: mRNA-Seq for transcriptome analysis
  • Comparative Metagenomics based on next-generation sequencing data
Statistical Methods in Microbial Ecology
  • Design and analysis of amplicon-based metagenomic data
  • Co-clustering using Latent Block Model

Application to plant-microbial communities interactions in the rhizosphere

Statistical computing - R Packages
  • anapuce: Tools for microarray data analysis
  • MixThres: mixture model of truncated gaussians to detect a hybridization threshold for microarray data
  • CHMM: An exact and a variational inference for Coupled Hidden Markov Models applied to the joint detection of copy number variations. 


Formation analyse statistique du transcriptome proposée par la plateforme de bioinformatique MIGALE

Some useful things

  • Some useful links and documents about R http://ciam.inra.fr/r4ciam/


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