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Stéphane Robin

Stéphane Robin


Senior researcher (DR) at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) 
Joint research unit (UMR) 518 AgroParisTech / INRA, Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences 
16 rue Claude Bernard, F - 75 231 Paris Cedex 05 
(3)(0)1 44 08 72 07, fax: (3)(0)1 44 08 16 66 

  • Research groups:
    • Molecular bioinformatics (BIM)
    • Statistics and ecology (EcoStat)
    • Algorithmic Issues for Inference in Graphical Models (AIGM)
  • Associate editor:
  • Teachings: 
    • Master2 Mathématiques pour les Sciences du Vivant (MathSV), see lecture notes below
    • UE Modélisation statistique et analyse de données biologiques (ModelStat)


  • No offer at this time


  • Amaizing: Breeding for economically and environmentally sustainable maize varieties: an integrated approach from genomics to selection. 2011-2018 
  • HydroGen: Comparative Metagenomic for Measuring Biodiversity, Application to Ocean Life Studie. 2014-2018
  • NGB: Next Generation Biomonitoring of change in ecosystem structure and function

Research interests

  • Statistical Methodology
    • Models with hidden variables (mixture model, HMM, SBM, ….)
    • Variational approximations
    • Random graph models
    • Network inference
    • Random processes on tree
    • Change-point detection
  • Statistical Applications in Molecular Biology
    • Ecological network
    • Interaction networks
    • Metagenomics / Community ecology
    • Evolution of phenotypic traits
    • Copy number variations
  • Former topics
    • Motif in DNA sequences
    • Gene expression data


  • Inference of Adaptive Shifts for Multivariate Correlated Traits bioRxiv
  • Variational inference for probabilistic Poisson PCA arXiv:1703.06633
  • Graphical model inference with unobserved variable via latent tree aggregation arXiv:1705.09464
  • Using deterministic approximations to accelerate SMC for posterior sampling arXiv:1706.06742
  • Variational inference for coupled Hidden Markov Models applied to the joint detection of copy number variations arxiv:1707.07971
  • Exact and approximate inference in graphical models: variable elimination and beyond arxiv:1506.08544
  • Bayesian Inference of Graphical Model Structures Using Trees arxiv:1504.02723
  • A factor model approach for the joint segmentation with between-series correlation arxiv:1505.05660
  • A degree-based goodness-of-fit test for heterogeneous random graph models arxiv:1507.08140

Recent Talks

  • Bayes Club, Leiden (Netherlands), Dec. 2017: Goodness of fit for graph logistic regression: a (variational) Bayes approach Leiden-1712.pdf pdf - 1,91 MB
  • Emerging Topics in Biological Networks and Systems Biology, Uppsala (Sweden), Oct. 2017: Detecting change-points in the structure of a network: Exact Bayesian inference Uppsala-1710.pdf pdf - 1,18 MB
  • Nordic-Baltic Biometric Conference, Copenhagen (Denmark), Jun. 2017: Detection of adaptive shifts on phylogenies using
    shifted stochastic processes on a tree 17-06-Copenhague.pdf pdf - 3,17 MB
  • European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS), Helsinki (Finland), Jul. 2017: Probabilistic multivariate analysis of count data: Application to community ecology 1707-EMS-Robin.pdf pdf - 1,17 MB
  • International Biometric Conference, Victoria (Canada), Jul. 2016 Dispersion modeling for RNAseq differential analysis IBC-Victoria-1607.pdf pdf - 368,50 kB


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