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ECMTB 2016 in Nottingham

ECMTB 2016 in Nottingham
A part of MIHMES team was in Nottingham to present works being done on mathematical biology in epidemiology and networks in ecology and evolution for ECMTB 2016 (10th European conference on Mathematical & Theoretical Biology).

Luyuan Qi presented her work on "A multiscale model of the spread of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) in a heterogeneous and dynamic bovine metapopulation"

Gaël Beaunée presented his work on "Estimation of key parameters of a multiscale model of paratuberculosis regional spread in dairy cattle"

Pauline Ezanno presented her work on "Spread and control of enzootic cattle diseases: a data-driven multiscale modelling framework to prioritize complex regional strategies" and was also chairman of a session.

Elizabeta Vergu presented her work on "Spread of livestock endemic diseases on contact networks"