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EvalBVD showed at "Salon International de l'Agriculture" in Paris

EvalBVD au SIA
© Inra N. Mansion
A part of MIHMES team was mobilized to present EvalBVD tool to the "Salon International de l'Agriculture" public in Paris from 1st to 3rd of March

EvalBVD is a tool for veterinarians, GDS and breeders. He allows to estimate financial impact of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus distribution in breast-feeding cattle farm. It can be used on-line through a web interface, in which user can informs major characteristics of his farm.

During this event, we proposed to the public an IT simulation of BVD distribution on breast-feeding cattle herds according to breeders data.


Copyright Inra N. Mansion


Copyright Inra N. Mansion