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Réseau NACRe - Réseau National Alimentation Cancer Recherche

Réseau NACRe

The NACRe network

The French Network for Nutrition And Cancer Research
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The NACRe network, a French initiative in the nutrition and cancer field, was founded in 2000 by public research laboratories with complementary approaches such as epidemiology, biology and clinical research. It comprises 43 research teams.

The main objective of the network is to contribute to develop research in the nutrition and cancer field, by strengthening scientific exchanges and encouraging multidisciplinary collaborative projects. The second objective is to provide public health policy-makers and officials, consumers, the press and specialized organizations with scientifically-based information.

The NACRe network benefits from the institutional support of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and the French National Cancer Institute (INCa), and from the financial support of the not-for-profit ARC Foundation for research on cancer (Fondation ARC).



NACRe documents in English:

NACRe network presentation

NACRe network presentation
Download (PDF format)

Affiche ''Facteurs nutritionnels et prévention des cancers'' NACRe 2015

NACRe network poster "Nutritional factors and cancers prevention"
Download (PDF format)

Article by the NACRe experts in March 2016:
"Alcoholic beverages, obesity, physical activity and other nutritional factors, and cancer risk: A review of the evidence" Published in Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology.
Download the entire article (PDF format)
See the article on the review website

Poster ''NACRe network poster

Poster presented during the World Cancer Congress 2016 :
The NACRe Network serves research and knowledge dissemination in the nutrition and cancer field
Download (PDF format)

Rapid Fire ''NACRe network rapid fire

Rapid fire presented during the World Cancer Congress 2016
“Nutrition and primary cancer prevention:
updating the evidence”
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