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ORE agro-hydrosystèmes

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Legal notice:

The use of the data from ORE AgrHys is restricted to scientific and academic purposes. For other usages, ccontact Laurent Ruiz ( or Ophélie Fovet  (

The source of the data has to be mentionned in the Material and Method section and Acknowledgement section of any report or scientific publication which would uses these data. It must explicitely stipulate the name of the catchment, the fact that it belongs to the ERO AgrHys- Response time in AgroHydroSystems- and the website address:

ORE AgrHyS data include:

  • hydrology (rainfall, PET, stream discharge, water table level…),
  • water quality for rain, streams, soil, groundwater (physico-chemical parameter and element concentrations)
  • spatial data on land use (farmer plots, agricultural practices) and physical properties (soil, geology, topography...).

How to access data:

ORE AgrHyS data are organised in a database called BDDAgrhys. Data can be visualized and downloaded with the grapher VIDAE (see here how to use the grapher VIDAE).

BDDAgrhys is linked with the SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) GéoSAS which allows access through:

the metadata catalog

the ORE AgrHys web geoportal

Data can also be accessed through the old agrhysDatabase (warning! this database is not updated since 2012, but some data are still to be transferred to BDDAgrhys)