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ORE agro-hydrosystèmes

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The ERO AgrHys sites are used for education purposes. Courses and practical works within different academic formations are organised frequently in the sites. Visits for scientific or professional institutes are also proposed and achieved. For the visits, guide books, written in French and in English, are available.

Academic formation

  • Master H3 - Hydrogéologie ~ Hydrobiogéochimie ~ Hydropédologie (accès au site)

Co-responsables : C. Walter (Agrocampus-Ouest), O. Bour (Géosciences, Univ. Rennes 1), M. Bormans (Ecobio, Univ. Rennes 1)

                           en particulier son option Sol-Eau-HydrosystèmesSEH
                      Responsables : A. Jaffrezic, C. Cudennec

  • Master GHBV :Gestion des Habitats et des Bassins Versants ( accès le site)
    Responsable : F Rozé