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Methodology for pest and pest injury quantification

This section aims at presenting some global concepts on pest quantification methodolgy.
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CASIMIR - Outil d'aide à la conception de stratégies d'échantillonnage pour caractériser la composante biotique des agroécosystèmes

Le guide d'aide à l'élaboration de stratégie d'échantillonnage proposé par le projet CASIMIR vise à obtenir une information de type «...
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Disease assessment concepts

New concepts in phytopathometry continue to emerge, such as the evolution of the concept of pathogen intensity versus the well-established concept of...
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Introduction to diseases assessments

Presentation dealing with field assessments in cereals given at a course for students.
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Pathometry : the measurement of plant disease

This paper describes a system for quantifying the severity of a plant disease. It is based on two principles: (a) that the human eye is a photocell...
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Plant Disease Severity Estimated Visually, by Digital Photography and Image Analysis, and by Hyperspectral Imaging

Reliable, precise and accurate estimates of disease severity are important for predicting yield loss, monitoring and forecasting epidemics, for...
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Sampling and monitoring pests and diseases in greenhouses

This chapter from the book "Integrated Pest and Disease Managament in greenhouse crops" describes some of the methods used for quantification of pest...
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