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Comment télécharger les données ?

Télécharger les données
Télécharger les données

Wish to download some DNA data?

- click on > "Database" ( https://www6.inra.fr/r-syst/Databases )

- click on R-Syst::database of your choice, (for instance > "R-Syst::diatom")

- go to "access the database"

- click on "R-Syst::XX" (for instance R-Syst::diatom)

- click on "Advanced search", subit 'DNA sequence"

- click on "DNA sequence"

- if you wish to download all sequences of a given marker whatever the project which provides them, select all projects (Base-NCBI, Bibliothèque du vivant, DIAMED, ...)

- select your the Marker of you choice  (for instance "rbcl")

- press "submit"

- at the buttom of the page, go into the box "export format"

- select the format you wish: windows, or linux (important)

- click on "choose". You will have the choice between a fasta file of sequences, or an ascii file of taxonomic field (you can have both, by selecting one, and then the second)

- click on "export" therefore (once for each file)

- a box appears for selection of the data (character file) or metadata (sequences) you wish to have ; select

- select setting : supplementary info 1.... (name that will appear in order as sequence identifier of fasta file)

- press "Export"

>> Don't forget to site the papers of the concern database :

Chaumeil P, Fischer-Le Saux M, Frigerio JM, Grenier E, Rimet F, Streito JC , Laval V, Franc A. 2018. R-Syst: a network providing curated molecular databases and data analysis tools for taxonomy and systematics (Prokaryotes and Eucaryotes).  https://doi.org/10.15454/OEDAUS, Portail Data Inra, V1

for R-Syst::diatom also site:

Frederic Rimet; Philippe Chaumeil; Francois Keck; Lenaïg Kermarrec; Valentin Vasselon; Maria Kahlert; Alain Franc; Agnes Bouchez. 2016. R-Syst::diatom: an open-access and curated barcode database for diatoms and freshwater monitoring. Database, 2016, 1-21.