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How to install?

RECORD relies on the software suite containing: VLE, VLE extensions (Difference Equation, Decision ...),  R (or Rstudio),  the packages "rvle" which is a port of VLE for R.

Once these components are installed,  you can install RECORD models provided by the RECORD team.

Below, there are instructions to install the software suite of RECORD. You can also find documentation on, especially for the use of a virtual machine.

  • Installation of VLE and RVLE.

Follow onstructions given on the website of VLE : Installation of VLE 1.1

  • Installation of VLE extensions required by RECORD models

Follow the instructions given on the technical website of VLE : Install packages from the VLE 1.1 package distribution. The following extensions are required by RECORD models: vle.output, vle.extension.difference-equation, vle.extension.differential-equations, vle.extension.decision, vle.extension.fsa, ext.muparser, vle.extension.forrester, vle.extension.dsdevs

Ubuntu 12.04

Follow step by step, the different instructions detailed in this script.
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