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RECORD: modelling and simulating platform for agroecosystems


Modelling and simulation are interesting and promising ways to better understand agroecosystems, to design new ones for specific purposes and to quickly analyze a large number of them in a variety of situations by virtual experiments.
However, the development and use of these models require the  involvement of several disciplines such as agronomy, animal science, soil science, bioclimatology, epidemiology, economics, science of management but also statistics and  computer science. This conducts into real trouble integrating all the necessary components in the time allotted to the modeling phase of a project, and very often by excessive specialization patterns around an aspect of the system. It appears that significant gains in quality and efficiency of modeling are possible through a platform allowing better sharing and reuse of modelling work. Here is the aim of the RECORD platform which is now the share instrument between model developers,  modelers and simple model users.