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SPS - Saclay Plant Sciences

Séminaire SPS : Malcolm Bennett

6 février 2015 - Amphithéâtre Rebischung - Centre INRA - Versailles

Séminaire SPS : Malcolm Bennett
Uncovering the hidden half of plant biology

Our understanding of root biology has accelerated over the last decade in large part to genetic and genomic approaches in model plants such as Arabidopsis and rice (reviewed in Atkinson et al, 2014). Nevertheless, roots have remained the ‘hidden half’ of plant biology due to researchers inability to non-invasively visualize roots in their natural soil environment. We have recently employed an interdisciplinary research approach to image roots directly in soil using X-ray based CT techniques and innovative software. This has enabled us to discover new, as well as characterise existing, adaptive mechanisms such as lateral root hydropatterning and root hydrotropism (Bao et al, 2014; Dietrich et al, in prep), and I will describe our latest understanding of the underlying molecular and cellular basis of these important adaptive root responses. Finally, I will conclude by describing the Hounsfield Facility, a new fully roboticised root phenotyping platform, designed to study root developmental and rhizosphere related processes.

Atkinson et al (2014) Branching Out in Roots: uncovering form, function and regulation. Plant Physiology, in press.

Bao et al (2014) Plant roots use a patterning mechanism to position lateral root branches toward available water. PNAS 111, 9319-9324

Amphithéâtre Rebischung
Bâtiment 10 - Centre INRA de Versailles-Grignon
RD 10 - Route de Saint-Cyr -  F-78026 Versailles Cedex

Url : https://www.cpib.ac.uk/