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SPS - Saclay Plant Sciences

Saclay Plant’ Innov’ meetings

The plant innovation events

Let’s meet and generate new innovative projects!
Saclay Plant'Innov' 2014

These meetings aim at promoting exchanges between the SPS research teams and partners from the private sector in order to develop innovative projects. These new collaborations can lead to a response to the SPS'Innov call for projects.


Saclay Plant' Innov', an event to find THE institutional partner who will meet your expectations!

Contact : SPS Innovation and Partnership Working Group (

The Saclay Plant Sciences network represents nearly 700 people from several plant biology laboratories in the southern Paris region. SPS focuses on the genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms that control the development and physiology of model plants and crops, taking into account their interactions with a changing environment. This knowledge is a strong driving force towards the improvement, protection and exploitation of plants with food and non-food applications (biomaterials, health, cosmetics ...) in the context of a sustainable agriculture.


Saclay Plant’ Innov’ 2017

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Saclay Plant' Innov' 2016

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Saclay Plant' Innov' 2015

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