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Newsletter 6




Dear all,

As we mentioned in the editorial of the last SPS Newsletter, the Paris-Saclay "Plant Sciences" community submitted a project entitled "SPS Graduate School of Research" (SPS-GSR) at the end of June, in response to the call "Ecoles Universitaires de Recherche" as part of the “Investments for the Future” program. We are very pleased to announce that this project is one of 29 selected projects (out of 194 submitted nationally). The general objective of SPS-GSR is to strengthen the interactions between teaching/training and research, and the internationalization of these activities. Thus, we believe that this structure will provide a permanent framework for reflection and animation in order to adapt its activities to changes of the academic, scientific and socio-economic contexts and to ensure the quality, relevance and visibility of our research, teaching, training and innovation activities at the highest level, thus strongly boosting the impact and attractiveness of Paris-Saclay in Plant Sciences.

In this letter you will also find information on several highlights of the year 2017: the training course "From gene expression to networks", which was a great success, the “Fête de la Science”, in which SPS has participated for the past 5 years and the Saclay Plant'Innov' event, the annual meeting with new potential private partners. In the same spirit, you will also discover the work carried out within the framework of the "SPInn" SPS2020 project in order to develop SPS partnership.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to two major SPS events that will take place in 2018 and which we hope many of you will attend: the "International SPS Conference 2018: Plant Sciences for the Future" (July 4-6) and, soon after, the “SPS Summer School 2018: Plant epigenetics and epigenomics” (July 8-13).

Happy reading !

Loïc Lepiniec


Fascination of Plants Day 2017

Winning ticket for the “SPS-GSR” project

On last October 24, we learned that the "Saclay Plant Sciences Graduate School of Research" project, submitted in June, was one of the laureates of the "Ecole Universitaire de Recherche" call for projects, launched as part of the Investments for the Future program !
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LabEx News

▉  Infrastructures

• Thermophoresis

An innovative method for biomolecular interaction analysis 


• Photosynthetic processes

In vivo real-time measurements 



The epigenomics platform dedicated to plants 


• SPS Common tools Open call

Equipment available to the SPS community

Between 2013 and 2017, SPS partially or totally funded 51 pieces of equipment through the Common tools call. You will find here the list of pieces of equipment and apparatus acquired via this call and the contact details of the people who are in charge of them.
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▉  Recent highlights

• 2nd semester 2017

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▉  Innovation

• Saclay Plant’ Innov’ 2017

A look back at the event

The 2017 Saclay Plant’ Innov' event, on the topic "Plants: a reservoir of innovation!", was held on Tuesday, November 21st at the Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay (IPS2). It gathered around 100 participants, including more than 50 members of the SPS LabEx and 30 representatives of companies.Read... Lire

• SPInn

Saclay Plant Innovation

This project aims to promote, facilitate and develop collaborative projects between LabEx research teams and socio-economic partners (startups, microenterprises-SME, large companies, cooperatives, other laboratories, etc.). By increasing the connections between the academic and private sectors, SPInn aims at stimulating both research and innovation.Read... Lire

▉  Teaching and training

• Training course “From gene expression to networks”

A real success!


▉  General public

• SPS at the Fête de la Science 2017

Various workshops during 3 days

From October 13th to 15th, SPS proudly displayed its research in the Paris-Saclay Science Village, the largest science village in the south-Paris region, at the Moulon gymnasium.Read... Lire


Axel de Zélicourt

3 questions to Maria-Victoria Gomez Roldan

Maria-Victoria Gomez Roldan is a researcher in the team "Flower and Carpel Development" at the Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay (IPS2).

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Axel de Zélicourt

3 questions to Zsolt Kelemen

Zsolt Kelemen is an engineer in the "Nitrogen Use, Transport and Signaling" team at the Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute (IJPB).

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Axel de Zélicourt

3 questions to Marie Dufresne

Marie Dufresne is professor at the University of Paris-Sud and head of the "Functional genomics of cereal-pathogen interactions" team at the Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay (IPS2).

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Saclay Plant Sciences

♦ 4-6 juillet 2018
International Conference SPS 2018:
Plant Sciences for the Future
CNRS Campus - Gif-sur-Yvette

SPS Summer school

♦ 8-13 juillet 2018
SPS Summer School:
Plant epigenetics and epigenomics
Saint-Lambert des Bois


Raphael Mercier

A new International Associated Laboratory for the « Endosymbiotic infection and nodule development » LIPM team

Communiqué Division cellulaire

The control of grain development


Winning ticket for the "Saclay Plant Sciences Graduate School of Research" project

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Equipment acquired through the SPS Common tools Open call

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IPSEP, the epigenomics platform dedicated to plants

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Thermophoresis: an innovative method for biomolecular interaction analysis

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In vivo real-time measurements of photosynthetic processes

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Recent highlights

2nd semester 2017
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The training course “From gene expression to networks”: a real success!

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SPS meets the general public at the 2017 “Fête de la Science”

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3 questions to Maria-Victoria Gomez Roldan
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