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SPS - Saclay Plant Sciences

SPS Seminar : John Mundy

September 2, 2016 - Amphitheatre Rebischung - INRA Center of Versailles-Grignon

SPS Seminar : John Mundy
© Chinese Academy of Sciences
Plant immunity & cell death signaling

Séminaires combinés:

10 AM:
Rethinking the architecture of growing cell walls and the mechanisms of cell wall loosening
Daniel Cosgrove (Department of Biology, Penn State University, USA) - Invited by l'IJPB

11 AM:
Plant immunity & cell death signaling
John Mundy (Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Amphitheatre Rebischung - INRA Center of Versailles-Grignon
RD 10 - Route de Saint-Cyr - Versailles

Registration before August 31st is mandatory: