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SPS - Saclay Plant Sciences

Flagship projects (2012-2016)

Projets Phares

© Laurent Villeret / Scic Picturetank

4 large collaborative and integrated projects were built at the beginning of the SPS network according to the 3 scientific challenges  identified and the 4 thematic axes  defined.

Project 1: Integrative analysis of stress responses

Coordination: Heribert Hirt / Jean Colcombet
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Project 2: Metabolic interactions and fluxes for improved plant-biomass quantity & quality

Coordination: Guillaume Tcherkez / Michael Hodges
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Project 3: Epigenetics and non-coding RNA-mediated regulation

Coordination: Martin Crespi / Hervé Vaucheret
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Project 4: Modelling developmental mechanisms

Coordination: Philippe Andrey / Patrick Laufs
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