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SPS - Saclay Plant Sciences

SPS2020 projects (2016-2019)

5 new structuring and innovative projects for the second phase of the LabEx

In order to generate new major collaborative projects focusing on innovation for the second phase, a specific call named SPS2020 was launched at the end of 2015. The 10 projects we received through this call were evaluated by the members of our International Scientific Advisory Board.

Following this evaluation, 5 new projects have begun mid-2016 for a total amount of 1.9 million euros (about 17% of the SPS budget).

Discover their topics ...


Dynamic in vivo imaging of cellular parameters in plants combining fluorescent nanosensors and microfluidic platforms
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Reaping the benefits of improved meiotic recombination for crop improvement
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Miscanthus gene editing for seed propagated triploids
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Multiplied CRISPR/Cas9 targets
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Perfume plants innovation and sustainability by Tilling
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