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Kathleen Donohue


Kathleen Donohue
Dormancy, germination and dispersal

Main research interests

My lab studies the ecological genetics of seed dormancy and germination, focusing on natural selection on germination phenology and genes association with germination time.  We are interested in how the ecological environment influences germination time and the expression of allelic differences in germination genes.  We are especially interested in how flowering time influences germination via maternal effects.

Selection of 3 major recent publications

Donohue. K.  2014. Why ontogeny matters during adaptation: Developmental niche construction and pleiotropy across the life cycle in Arabidopsis thaliana  Evolution 68:32-47.

Willis, C. G, C. Baskin, J. Baskin, J. R. Auld, D. L. Venable, J. Cavender-Bares, K. Donohue, R. Rubio de Casas and The NESCent Germination Working Group.  2014. Dormancy and diversification: Environmentally cued dormancy, evolutionary hubs, and diversification of the seed plants.  New Phytologist 203: 300–309.

Donohue, K., R. Rubio de Casas, Liana Burghardt, Katherine Kovach, Charles Willis.  2010.  Germination, post-germination adaptation, and species ecological ranges.  Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 41:293–319.


Duke University
Department of Biology
Box 90338
Durham, North Carolina
27708 USA


Duke University

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