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Aline V. Probst

Aline Probst
Molecular basis of plant epigenetics / Methodologies

Main research interests

Role of histone variants in chromatin organization and function

Selection of 3 major recent publications

Simon L, Rabanal FA, Dubos T, Oliver C, Lauber D, Poulet A, Vogt A, Mandlbauer A, Le Goff S, Sommer A, Duborjal H, Tatout C, Probst AV. (2018) Genetic and epigenetic variation in 5S ribosomal RNA genes reveals genome dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nucleic Acids Research.

Duc C, Benoit M, Détourné G, Simon L, Poulet A, Jung M, Veluchamy A, Latrasse D, Le Goff S, Cotterell S, Tatout C, Benhamed M, Probst AV. (2017), Arabidopsis ATRX Modulates H3.3 Occupancy and Fine-Tunes Gene Expression. Plant Cell. 29(7):1773-1793.

Duc C, Benoit M, Le Goff S, Simon L, Poulet A, Cotterell S, Tatout C and Probst AV (2015) The histone chaperone complex HIR maintains nucleosome occupancy and counterbalances impaired histone deposition in CAF-1 complex mutants. Plant J, 81(5): 707-22

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