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Chang Liu

Chang Liu
Molecular basis of plant epigenetics / Methodologies

Main research interests

Plant chromatin structure and dynamics

Selection of 3 major recent publications

Wangsheng Zhu, Bo Hu, Claude Becker, Ezgi Süheyla Doğan, Kenneth Wayne Berendzen, Detlef Weigel and Chang Liu. (2017) Altered chromatin compaction and histone methylation drive non-additive gene expression in an interspecific Arabidopsis hybrid. Genome Biology 18:157.

Chang Liu, Ying-Juan Cheng, Jia-Wei Wang, and Detlef Weigel. (2017) Prominent topologically associated domains differentiate global chromatin packing in rice from Arabidopsis. Nature Plants 3, 742–748.

Xiuli Bi, Ying-Juan Cheng§, Bo Hu, Xiaoli Ma, Rui Wu, Jia-Wei Wang and Chang Liu. (2017) Non-random domain organization of the Arabidopsis genome at the nuclear periphery. Genome Research 27, 1162-1173.

Contact info

Department of General Genetics
Center for Molecular Biology of Plants (ZMBP)
University of Tübingen

Auf der Morgenstelle 32
72076 Tübingen