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Christel Carles

Christel Carles
What is the relationship between cell fate and epigenetics?

Main research interests

Chromatin Dynamics and Development
Key words : Chromatin, transcriptional activation, plant development, stem cells, differentiation, flower morphogenesis, Arabidopsis thaliana

Selection of 3 major recent publications

J. Engelhorn, R. Blanvillain, C. Kröner, H. Parrinello, M. Rohmer, D. Pose, F. Ott, M. Schmid, C.C. Carles* (2017). Dynamics of H3K4me3 chromatin marks prevails over H3K27me3 for gene regulation during flower morphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Epigenomes, 1(2), 8; doi:10.3390/epigenomes1020008.

F. Moreau, E. Thevenon, R. Blanvillain, I. Lopez-Vidriero, J.M. Franco-Zorrilla, R. Dumas, F. Parcy, P. Morel, C. Trehin and C.C. Carles* (2016). The Myb-domain protein ULTRAPETALA1 INTERACTING FACTOR 1 controls floral meristem activities in Arabidopsis. Development, 143(7):1108-19.  IF= 6,60

D.S. Ó'Maoiléidigh, B. Thomson, A. Raganelli, S.E. Wuest, P.T. Ryan, K. Kwaśniewska, C.C. Carles, E. Graciet, F. Wellmer (2015). Gene network analysis in Arabidopsis thaliana flower development through dynamic gene perturbations. Plant J. 83(2):344-58.  IF= 6,58

Contact info

Laboratoire Physiologie Cellulaire Végétale
UMR CNRS 5168 - CEA - INRA1200 - UGA
CEA, 17 rue des Martyrs, bât. C2 - Bureau 227B
38054 GRENOBLE Cedex 9 - FRANCE
Phone: 33 (0)4 38 78 41 95

Fax 33 (0)4 38 78 50 91