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Hervé Vaucheret

Hervé Vaucheret
Molecular basis of plant epigenetics / Methodologies

Main research interests 

Epigenetics - RNA silencing

Selection of 3 major recent publications

Elvira-Matelot, Hachet, Shamandi, Comella, Saez-Vasquez, Zytnicki, Vaucheret, (2016a). Arabidopsis RNASE THREE LIKE2 Modulates the Expression of Protein-Coding Genes via 24-Nucleotide Small Interfering RNA-Directed DNA Methylation. Plant Cell 28, 406-425.

Elvira-Matelot, Bardou, Ariel, Jauvion, Bouteiller, Le Masson, Cao, Crespi, Vaucheret (2016b). The Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein SmD1 Interplays with Splicing, RNA Quality Control, and Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 28, 426-438.

Shamandi, N., Zytnicki, M., Charbonnel, C., Elvira-Matelot, E., Bochnakian, A., Comella, P., Mallory, A.C., Lepere, G., Saez-Vasquez, J., and Vaucheret, H. (2015). Plants Encode a General siRNA Suppressor That Is Induced and Suppressed by Viruses. PLoS Biol 13, e1002326.

Contact info

IJPB, INRA, 78000 Versailles, France