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Leandro Quadrana

Leandro Quadrana
Role of the epigenetics in the integration of environmental signals

Main research interests 

Plant epigenetics and epigenomics
Transposable elements

Selection of 3 major recent publications

Quadrana, L., and Colot, V. (2016). Plant Transgenerational Epigenetics. Annu Rev Genet 50, 467-491.

Quadrana, L., Bortolini Silveira, A., Mayhew, G.F., LeBlanc, C., Martienssen, R.A., Jeddeloh, J.A., and Colot, V. (2016). The Arabidopsis thaliana mobilome and its impact at the species level. Elife 5.

Quadrana L., Almeida J., Asís R., Duffy T., Dominguez P. G., Bermúdez L., Conti G., Silva J. V. C. da, Peralta I. E., Colot V., Ası R., Peralta I. E., Colot V., Conti G., Corre J. V, Asurmendi S., Fernie A. R., Rossi M., Carrari F. (2014 Natural occurring epialleles determine vitamin E accumulation in tomato fruits. Nat. Commun. 5: 4027.

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